Lets Talk About Parler

The demand for uncensored and unbiased social media has now been met by Parler. For the past few years, users on social media have been looking for an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each of these platforms are known to censor, shadow ban, and ban users from utilizing their 1st Amendment. Parler stepped up to the plate in order to meet the demands and the needs of the people; a twofold evolution.

A perfect example of censoring is when users post an opposing political view and are censored aka muted from other users so their posts are not visible. This type of censoring led to shadow banning and blocking, specifically on Instagram. Shadow banning is when Instagram puts the search capabilities of an account on low to zero visibility. In some cases, it can lead to disabling an account for a certain period of time or banning an account entirely. With the inability to express opinions in a safe and conducive environment, Parler was created to offer what other platforms refuse to do.

Parler seems to offer the opportunity for users to express their thoughts and opinions without being censored or banned. Everyone should have the opportunity to express their opinions regardless of their political view, origin, income level, etc.; freedom of speech is paramount. Parler is relatively new and because of that, it presents a level of cyber security risk and additional risk factors that need to be addressed. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an imposter or some sort of phishing type attacks come from this. With regard to risk factors, this will just be another social media risk where companies will have to do damage control and reputation management.

If you’re a user on social media and are looking for a platform that is taking part of upholding your 1st Amendment, create an account and see how it goes. Remember, much like other social media platforms, be mindful of what you post. In my experience, I have seen individuals lose their jobs and their livelihoods because they expressed their opinions that were considered to be a reputational risk; this has occurred on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit. Parler was created with an intention to allow true freedom of expression, however, people will use this as an opportunity to cause harm or heartache. Just be mindful.

From a business perspective, it might be a good idea to have a proactive program in place that can actively monitor social media platforms from a conduct standpoint, as the reputation of a business is huge. This proactive approach may include monitoring your own staff to limit reputational and possible financial damage.

Ricoh Danielson is a cyber security researcher with areas of focus in digital forensics, incident response, and overall cyber security. He is a graduate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Colorado Tech University, UCLA, and Villanova University. Ricoh was the owner of a digital forensics firm, Fortitude Tech, where he assisted in preservation of digital evidence in the means of digital forensics. Ricoh was one of the founders of EXXO Tech learning as well. Ricoh has also led the veteran community in development and education.

The above article is his expressed opinions based upon his past experiences. The above does not represent any company, business or any products. These are the opinions and experience of the writer.

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