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If you're looking for an investigation company to get the job done right, with discretion, and integrity, look no further, contact Atwell Investigations. Our investigative services are all backed by experience, training and meticulous attention to detail. Our full line-up of services includes:

Standard Investigations Umbrella:

Domestic, Surveillance, Fraud, Cold Cases, Criminal, Civil, Research, Corruption, Locates and Missing Persons, Public Records, Physical Assets, Internet Investigations, Locates/Skip Tracing, Family Law, Probate and Estate Issues, Motor Vehicle, Phone Reverses, Workman Compensation/SIU and VICE, etc.

Enhanced Investigations Umbrella:

Rural Locations, Hazardous Situations, Inclement Weather, Survival Situations, Under Cover Operations, Vice/extreme, Government Operations, Narcotics, Sex Industry/VICE, Government Corruption Cases, Judicial Corruption Cases, Hazardous Ruse Scenarios, etc.

New Investigative Additions

*Digital Forensics 

Cyber Research, Dark Web Investigations

*Arabic Speaking 

Investigations / Interpreter


*Nationwide Bank and Brokerage Combo 

*International Banking and International Brokerage 

Q & A

Do you offer Background Screenings? Yes, we have several different customizable options. Criminal Background Screening, Nationwide Comprehensive Background Screening, plus a Three-part investigation utilizing different information gathering (Nationwide Background, Social Media/Internet Deep Dive Report, Social Media Advanced and scoped internet search). 


Do you have a minimum hour on surveillance? Surveillance Minimum Hours: 5 hours a calendar day.


Do you offer GPS tracking and monitoring? Under the right legal reason, we do utilize and deploy technologically advanced tracking and monitoring systems.


I once used a PI but none of their nighttime video was visible. We are constantly updating and utilizing the latest tech in Night Vision, Digital NV, and Thermal Imaging Camera Systems to enhance our expertise and evidence collection. 


My son will be attending ASU this year, we are from Saudi Arabia, do you offer any services to help communicate any problems? Yes, we have an investigator who’s fluent in Arabic languages, dialects and cultures.  We’ve assisted many families from the middle east in their investigative needs.


Do you have the ability to pull deleted material off cell phones and have that evidence in a form usable for court purposes?  Yes, we utilize the latest technologies and partner with one of the best digital forensics’ experts. All data dumps and deleted material type cases are always done from the standpoint of preparing for court, chain of custody, documentation, etc. 


Atwell Investigations is an Arizona Department of Public Safety licensed, bonded and insured Investigative Company.

AZ Private Investigator License: #1650277 #165027     

MT Private Investigator License: #PSP-PI-LIC-24120


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Licensed and Insured
Arizona DPS Investigative License #1650276/#1650277
Montana Investigative License #PSP-PI-LIC-24120

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AZ Association of Licensed Investigators

International Intelligence Group

National council of Investigation and Security Services