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I researched quite a few P.I.'s in the area, before coming across atwell investigations. Jax touched base with me right away, explained everything thoroughly. He was great to work with, and did a tremendous job. He definitely went above and beyond for my husband and I. He made the issue we were dealing with a lot easier. So pleased!

Lee C.

Professional, extremely easy to work with and fast to get the answers I needed! Highly recommend!

Whitney D.

I recently requested a face to face consultation with Jax to gain more insight into the field of Private Investigation and what it entails. He replied almost immediately and went out of his way to meet with me one on one. Jax is very personable, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in not only Private Investigating but in many different areas. I would highly recommend Jax to any of my friends or family and will not hesitate to use his services for myself in the future.

Nicholas M.

I feel that Jax did excellent work for me. I have a (soon-to-be-ex) spouse that I firmly suspected of cheating. Although, I had asked her about the situation on a few occasions, she continued to deny the cheating. So, enter Jax. Within a couple of hours of observing her, he obtained some valuable information. The next day, he was able to let me know they would be coming to the house at a certain time. This enabled me to be at the house to directly confront my (soon-to-be-ex) spouse and her new guy. Thus, ending the denials and lying. I am not sure that Jax was aware that I intended to confront them, but, I felt that was the best way to resolve the problem (head-on confrontation). Thank you, Jax.

Edward I.

Working with Jax was a great experience. He's knowledgeable and professional. I would use him again without hesitation.

Joe K.

If I can give atwell investigations a million stars I will. They help me get my car back and I am so grateful for them because without them I will be losing more sleep worrying about my vehicle. Thank you guys so much

Mita k.

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I contacted Mr. Atwell over a sensitive matter seeking his expert guidance and advice as to what steps I should take in order to address my situation. Mr. Atwell spoke to me and handled the matter personally. He was sensitive and very knowledgeable making me comfortable to put my very personal matter in his care. Mr. Atwell gave me a reasonable quote and his prices were fair. His services went over and above my expectations. He even provided additional help at no charge so to set my mind at ease. He took the time to help me in any way he could and was sensitive and honest at every step. He took care of my case, responded to all my queries and made me feel relaxed. He was professional and efficient. The investigation provided was thorough, very useful and hassle free. I will most definitely seek his services again should I need. No need to go anywhere else. Mr. Atwell is great! I made the right decision in choosing Atwell Investigations. Thanks again sir!

-Jo C

It was a very positive experience working with Jax at Atwell Investigations. He was very knowledgeable and cared about our situation. As I had never worked with an investigator before, his vast experience and expertise was most helpful and needed. He is a very honest man, trustworthy and cares about his clients. He was very accessible and reliable. At times, safety was an issue and it gave me peace of mind to know he was there. The rates are very fair and affordable. I’m not sure I was always charged enough for the time he spent on my case. I will be forever grateful for the help Jax provided. He treated myself and my family as if they were his own.

-Margaret W 

I am pleased to say that Atwell Investigations is very professional and provide expedient service. Within a few hours of contacting Jax I had 2 comprehensive background screenings completed and the results in my inbox.Their rates are very reasonable, too. I highly recommend them. Thank you Jax & team!

-Neta R

I highly recommend Atwell Investigations. Jax Atwell was referred to me through a corporate contact. He was engaged, professional and his sense of urgency is second to none. His background positions him to manage a wide variety of situations and his prices are very fair. My situation was abrupt and difficult - the support and guidance I received were priceless.

-Laurie T

Jax was very professional and easy to work with. He knew exactly how help us and had all the resources needed to track my brother down in Utah and help get him back to us safely. Thank you so much!

-Don S

FAST! Also provided more information than what I was expecting. Very useful information. If you're looking for a PI look no further. You receive a very professional report at the end. Hands up that I will call again if needed.


Jax was professional and not only helped me find what I needed, but also helped me by guiding me through the results, and together we realized I could narrow my search and still get the information needed. Prompt, professional, use him!

-Jennifer N.

My wife and I needed assistance in performing a "locate report" on a person that put us in a very tough position. Jax and his team at Atwell Investigations provided absolutely stellar,timely and accurate information. They were the most professional,compassionate and understanding group I have made contact with in a very long time. I would not hesitate for a minute to seek their services again. We highly recommend Jax and his team. Thanks Jax!

-Chris K.

Jax was wonderful. Very personable and he really understood the severity of our situation. He was fast and got the job done for us in a far shorter timeframe than we expected. If I am ever in need again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Jax!

-Dawn M

Mr. Atwell was able to provide me with the proof I needed for an important hearing in my divorce proceedings. With my financial limitations in mind & working from across the country, Mr. Atwell was thorough with his investigations and communicated quickly and clearly. I so appreciate his compassion and kindness for my situation. I will definitely turn to Atwell Investigations again should the need ever arise.

-Candace S.

I had been very lerly on looking into my past. Knowing atwell years ago I decided to ask him for help with information I needed. Atwell is very passionate about his work and does it well. Even in his down time between trips he would work on my investigation and was alway on point. I would highly highly(yes there are two) suggest atwell for your investigative needs big or small he will get the job done and fast! During our whole communication he made things easy and everything worked out. Thank again Atwell for your professional attitude and quick responses.

-Jake w


Does the average person need a PI? No. No one you know is going to be able to give you advise, no way to know if anyone you find on your own is someone you can trust, or even how much money this is going to cost you. I want to think everyone’s experience is unquie and it takes the right person to help you get what your after. In my experience I was emotional and needed anwsers. I couldn’t ask people around me for advise because i need to keep my personal situation under the radar. When i found Jax I didn’t know what to expect-i had never done this before. The only refferance to PIs were what i have seen in the movie. What i found was a human being just like me. He had the resources, attitude, and means to supply me with more than enough information to solve my problem. Jax’s was available, gave everything i needed a sence of urgency, approached every task with tenastiy to provide result, and even had advise on the best practices he has seen to safe guard me in the future. I felt protected by a body guard , advised by a lawyer, and listened to by a friend. As far as cost i don’t know if this is the type of thing you shop around for. It was in an embarrassing time when i wanted confidence that my personal information was not being broadcasted out. I can say that every penny I spent gave me value. It’s been a couple of years since I hired Jax’s. Now my life is great! Reflecting back on that time “the dark ages” i don’t have any regrets and would recommend him to anyone!

-Tony I.

Thankful for Jax and his crew for the awesome work. Grateful that they would usually be able to work on a last minute requests (There has been a lot!). Thank you also for the professionalism and compassion that he has shown throughout these challenging times. It is very much appreciated.

-Leslie, B. 

Jax has clearly been doing this for a long time, he is a true professional. He was quick to respond to my inquiry and quick to get back to me with the information I needed. He’s informative, respectful, and understanding. I would highly recommend his business to anyone.

-Steve F.

Two weeks ago my daughter ran away. For the first three days I looked for her endlessly but I felt my search team was getting smaller. I was desperate to find her and that’s when I called Jax. Within less than 24 hours we found her. I really believe without his help and knowledge I would have still been looking. He was constantly checking up and I appreciated it. Thank you.

-Gina C.

For anyone who is on the fence & stressed out because they don’t want to make the phone call; from my experience...Do it! Jax & his team are so easy to talk to and immediately make you feel at ease. They have heard it all & even though it’s one of the most nerve wracking calls I’ve had to make, I’m so thankful I did. Thank you Jax

-Dana, D

Amazing and I recommend Jax to anyone who is looking for compassion, dedication and somebody that you can count on. From The very first moment I contacted him for help he was there giving 100% to help me I trust him and I would never go anywhere else for help.

-Starr H

I had previously used a private detective and contacted him with my current issue. You would have thought a repeat client was a sure thing. Alas, after several days of no response, I contacted Mr Atwell and discussed my issue, He got on it. Surprise, surprise, he got back to me within the day and solved my issue. Can't ask for better competent and professional service. Highly recommended.

-Patrick Brooks

Jax of Atwell Investigations is the only investigator we use. He brings the skills from his impressive background to every job he does for us and is always professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Atwell Investigations.

-Jennifer L

Jax was very patient, kind and was able to extract a lot of information needed for my case. It was a pleasure being able to meet with him in person and see how passionate he is in helping others get the correct information that they need. I would definitely recommend Jax, for all your investigative needs.

-Stephanie J.

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